The twitter bio:
28 year old Argentinian from Buenos Aires currently living in Barcelona. Product designer. I studied visual communication design. I also take pictures and illustrate sometimes.
This has been my journey as a designer:
2013. I decided to study graphic design after considering Sociology. I enrolled to study Visual Communication Design at UNLa (Buenos Aires), a university i chose because it has a study plan with strong foundations in humanities and critical thinking.
2016. While i studied, i started working full time as a visual designer for various boutique studios and agencies, gaining experience in visual design for advertising, internal communications, social media, print, branding, digital products and lots of team work to meet deadlines. I learned how to create visual solutions to clients needs working hand in hand with art directors, copywriters, video producers and account executives.
2017. I was hired by Ego Agency as a UI designer to outsource full time at Santander Bank for their project of redesigning the entire web based online banking platform for Argentina. In this job i worked with UX designers, PMs and Front-end engineers. I learned lots about user experience, interaction, heuristics, testing, technology and cross-functional collaboration. 
2018. I started working as a UX/UI designer at Banco Galicia, the main national private bank in Argentina. I was the third designer to join the company as a part of their first ever cross-functional agile team, that pioneered their digital transformation project. During my time in Galicia i gained tons and tons of knowledge about the agile mindset and methodologies, design thinking applied to real projects, design systems, business needs, user testing, UX research, design workshops and ideation sessions, integrating design to the development workflow, what back end is about and how it integrates to front-end, and also practiced and improved many soft skills such as facilitating different types of sessions, communicating design decisions to non-designers, presenting my work to the team and presenting design to the organisation, defending the user needs and balancing them to business goals, understanding other designers needs in order to unify design patterns, and many more. I also gained some very close and dear friends.
2019. I applied for a migration program created by Spain's government to grant working visas to argentines with spanish ancestors, and in July i was selected among one thousand qualified people from specific professional fields to migrate to Spain before 2020. I moved to Barcelona in November.
2020. In January i joined eDreams ODIGEO design team as a product designer. I work with other designers, developers, product owners, copywriters, UX researchers, data analysts and stakeholders. And i'm in charge of the post booking user experience and customer service related initiatives in the native apps of our four brands. My focus has been to maintain a strong bias for action to provide a fast response to help and guide our customers in this fast-paced and unprecedented times in the tourism industry.

If you want to talk, drop me a line on linkedin, or send me an email.
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